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Jan 1, 2013 5:30am PST
environmental groups like greenpeace have also warned about the long-term impact of water solution. they say government promises to clean up the waterways has not been honored and they continue to make tens of thousands of people sick. >> china basically doesn't have an environmental management policy directed at harmful substances. this situation allows many toxins to be discharged into rivers. >> the chinese government appears to have addressed the concerns of its urban people when it comes to monitoring air pollution. its next challenge will be insuring pollutant levels drop and people can enjoy an improved quality of life. >> looking ahead to the year 2013, italy will select a new prime minister in february this year. paul brennan reports. >> austerity in italy and has hit the young people the hardest. youth unemployment is nearly 84% and rising faster than the national average. -- is nearly 34% and rising faster than the national average. but when it comes to an flouncing national policy, young people feel almost exclusively excluded. they show no signs of stepping aside. >> w
Jan 14, 2013 5:30pm PST
lethal. >> reporter: this photo from a recent greenpeace study shows what an air filter looks like after just 24 hours in beijing. watch me wipe a thin layer that's accumulated on most cars. that's soot and grime. and this is my own air purifier. watch this. look. that's what we're breathing in beijing. one expert told me it's like becoming an instant smoker. beijing did issue emergency warnings, for the first time ever this year. signs the government can't avoid problems everyone can see. gloria riviera, abc news, beijing. >> and another note about this. when our team visited china two years ago, we noticed the difference between the polluted air outside in beijing and how we felt when we walked inside the american embassy, where the air is much cleaner. well, we were told that the pollution is so severe there, because of health issues, the embassy creates special filtered air for embassy workers. so, they'll have air as clean as the air here back home. >>> and we have two notes tonight about the war on terror and another western nation stepping up to take the lead. france. they a
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
-standard, gerri. it just drives me crazy. where is the sier club? where is greenpeace, natural resources defense council, so-called environmental groups, why aren't they stainedding up for the small landowners? these peop are really getting a raw deal and the wind energy companies of course are making handsome profits but these individual landowners are getting the short end of the stick. >> i wouldn't be happy if one of those set up next to me. >> you certainly would not. gerri: let me ask you about something called the energy strategy council. >> right. gerri: they're suggesti starting a national energy strategy council. >> sure. gerri: would come up with a policy, soup-to-nuts, every federal agency gets involved. possible? >> sure it is possible. this is the federal government after all but, what bothers me is that there are, this idea that we'll have a quadrennial review, a 4-year plan just like the pentagon. i don't know that is the best model to work on. gerri: i have to ask you about b today. >> sure. gerri: because there's big news coming from bp. the federal government says you'
Jan 9, 2013 8:00am PST
. greenpeace to the new york times -- the coast guard has launched a separate investigation into the grounding of shell's drill rig last week. alleged u.s. army whistleblower bradley manning has had his potential sentence reduced should he be convicted for the leaking of classified documents to wikileaks. on tuesday, the judge overseeing the pre-trial hearing said manning is entitled to 112 days less in prison due to the unlawful conditions of his imprisonment and marine corps brig corn, -- in quantico, virginia. manning's ordeal included being held in a six by 8 foot cell for a least 23 hours a day and being banned from lying down or even leaning against the wall unless was sleeping. his attorney argued his imprisonment was so harsh and inhumane, that either his charges should be dropped or he should be given 10 times credit for the nine months he spent there in any sentence he received. in her ruling, judge lind agreed with the allegations of unlawful abuse, but said manning will only get one to one credit in the reduction of any sentence. in a statement, the bradley manning suppor
Jan 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
, right, we did. this is part of our effort to help out greenpeace on this, and this is what she said at the time. >> these things tend to leak, and we tend to not be able to clean them up. in the gulf, which looks like a sweet little duck pond compared to the conditions of the arctic. >> cenk: she's absolutely right about that. shell is trying to do some tests off of seattle to make sure that they had everything right well, they didn't. you it's as bad as i thought. basically the top is crushed like a beer can--oops. that was their testing in relatively calm puget sound not in the middle of the arctic. what is going to happen when they do it in the middle of the arctic? probably disaster. there is a documentary called "oil and ice" and talks about if there is a disaster, we'll have a lot of trouble getting to it. >> within a thousand miles emergency workers had access to hundreds of airports, dozens of major sea ports and 30 coast guard facilities not to mention countless hotels, highways and roads, and a fleet of fishing boats to clean up the spilled oil. these resources and in
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
, common cause, the sierra club, greenpeace, jobs with justice and the afl-cio. along with an affiliated campaign called fix the senate now, they are working hard to change the filibuster rules. take a look at their ad. >> as climate change threatens the world we leave to our children and good u.s. jobs move overseas, time in the senate has expired, as women earn less for men in the same jobs, time in the senate ticks by. it ticks by with no results because the system is broken. but we can fix it and make the senate work for us again. if our senators vote to end the silent filibuster and for common sense reforms. >> they have only hours to do so. unless the senate reforms the filibuster on tuesday, the minority wrecking crew remains in charge for the next two years. larry cohen, welcome. >> great being with you. >> if the democrats were back in the minority, would you be making this fight to reform the filibuster that you're making now? >> absolutely. because we believe that what a democracy means is that the american people are entitled to get discussion, debate and eventually a vote on
Jan 17, 2013 11:00am EST
sheef or to the reef. back in 2005, greenpeace was fined nearly $7,000 of one of its ships hit a reef in the same area. >>> this morning, more problems for boeing. qatar airways based in the middle east has grounded the boeing 787 dreamliner. last night, europe and end yeah joined the u.s. of grounding the jets because of a risk of battery fires after a week-long full of incidents including fuel leaks, battery fires and brake problems. boeing still maintains its plane is safe. >> someone at the white house has a birthday today. i guess you know who it is. michelle obama's birthday. the first lady turns 49. no word on the celebration plans at the white house but we do know the first family is in town today. >>> and will she have a nice day to celebrate? probably want to stay inside on a day like this? >> i think the presidential limo has four-wheel drive anyway no matter what happens but they're not going to need it. eds going to be a very low-impact type of snow locally around the metro area. and in much of the region in northern virginia or nearby suburbs in maryland, most of any sno
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Jan 14, 2013 10:00am PST
greenpeace, they were big wigs on the left. they say they want to do three things, get big money out of politics, a big goal, expand the voting rules while fighting voter i.d. laws, a big issue before november and they want to rewrite senate republicans to curbing the filibuster, and can i start with the last one steve, the last one from president obama so frustrated with these house republicans, to harry reid, who is actually talking about curbing or to some extent eliminating the senate filibuster so that the minority in the senate can't block his legislation and president obama's legislation. they seem so frustrated with the rights of the minorities, with the rights of the dissenters, i know it's frustrating, but is it not a pillar of this country's backbone? i mean, this is-- when they're in the minority, they may be very sorry that they went to such efforts to eliminate these rights. >> i think they would be. i think their assumption is they're not going to be in the minority anytime soon, but if you go back and look at the kinds of things that both democrats in congress and out
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)